Blue Eye Gardening Garden AccessoriesTwo of the more popular garden accessories sold in Bunnings are the Blue Eye Gardening Garden Bling Ornamental Garden Sprinklers, and the Water pressure Spray Power Washer.

Both items easily attach to your garden hose, with the Power Washer also containing various hose attachments.

The Garden Bling Ornamental Garden Sprinklers not only effectively water lawns and gardens, but also provide hours of entertainment for the kids on hot summer days. The Ornamental Garden Sprinkler comes in three colour varieties: Green, Blue, and Pink Flower.

The Waterjet Power Washer is an affordable pressure cleaner that turns an ordinary garden hose into a high pressure hose. The Waterjet’s clever design uses a built-in pressure chamber to build a powerful water pressure spray right from you garden hose.

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You can learn more about these two fantastic garden accessories here.

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